Tentative woo hoo!

The Apple web site says that my replacement iPod was shipped today and the case closed. Before you start jumping up and down with joy at the thought that my cubicle neighbours may live another day, remember that the last time Apple said my replacement iPod was shipped and closed the case, they promptly lost the replacement order somewhere on its way from service to fullfillment, and I didn’t get it until a month and a half later when Maddy and several other Best Mates called Apple to complain bitterly. Sadly, it seems that Apple wrote their own tracking software, and it sucks.

At least that time I got a Marware case and an iRock by way of apology.

I hope they remembered to engrave this one the same as the original.

The winning streak is over.

Darn it. Up until this morning, the last 9 Diet Pepsis I’d bought had free iTunes in them. Today I got a “PLEASE PLAY AGAIN” cap. This one came from a vending machine, so I couldn’t try the bottle tilting trick. Not that I can get that trick to work anyway – it’s too hard to see the difference between “AGAIN” and “SONG” through the swirly plastic and condensation fog inside the bottle.