Fucking Apple Again

Remember how in Rants and Revelations: My iPod is dead… I mentioned how I had to call Apple Care because their stupid web site wouldn’t accept my serial number? Well, either because I actually talked to somebody or because Apple are a bunch of theiving low-lives, I got an invoice today for $49 for a one day Apple Care.
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Why Apple is going to go out of business

There are a lot of things to like about Apple. They make the coolest, sexiest hardware on the planet, especially their laptops and iPods. They did Unix right in a way that 100,000 Linux geeks never managed to do. They put together a suite of applications that make some of the stuff that people want to do with computers dead easy – while purposely making them limited and unpowerful enough to keep the door open for third party products that do the same things only better. When their hardware works, it works perfectly.
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