And some ever better news about the iPod

I’m sure you’re all absolutely fascinated by this, but it appears that the problem is definitely fixed, and, more importantly, I’ve probably got a fresh battery in the new iPod. After nearly 9.5 hours of use (10 hours minus the time it was off for lunch time), I turned it off for 20 minutes, then turned it back on again and it came alive! Woo hoo!

And hopefull that will be the last iPod update I’ll have to post for a while.

Finally some tentatively good news about my iPod

In our second last installment, I discovered that my new iPod has a problem that if you play it on battery for 3-4 hours and then pause it long enough for it to turn itself off, it wouldn’t come back on without a full hard reset/reboot. Which is a drag because you lose your place in the playlist you were listening to.

That problem might actually be fixed!
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