Finally some tentatively good news about my iPod

In our second last installment, I discovered that my new iPod has a problem that if you play it on battery for 3-4 hours and then pause it long enough for it to turn itself off, it wouldn’t come back on without a full hard reset/reboot. Which is a drag because you lose your place in the playlist you were listening to.

That problem might actually be fixed!

Yesterday, the guy at Apple suggested I try the “Nuke it from orbit” approach of using the iPod Software Updater to blow away the existing firmware and rewrite it from scratch. I did, and then spent half the night reloading all the music on it. And this morning I’ve been playing it on battery power, and after a 30 minute pause for lunch, it came back alive quickly with no reboot required. So tentative woo hoos once again.

Oh, and I ordered Apple Care for this iPod so I don’t have to a repeat of my “wonderful” experiences with out of warranty repairs.

One thought on “Finally some tentatively good news about my iPod”

  1. I’ve had a similar problem. Mine seems to go catatonic (perpetual reboot mode) sometimes when I leave it alone for several days and it goes from “sleep” to “shutdown” mode (that is, pressing a button or applying power brings up the Apple icon).

    Sometimes, it is enough to put it into disk mode, hook it up, shut it down, and reset. But sometimes it requires a full wipe and reload. This really bites – moving 30GB of music sucks. And sometimes (three times now – yes, I’ve had 3 ipods replaced under warranty) it won’t come back at all.

    There is definitely an issue here.

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