My iPod is dead…

I was walking through a shopping mall with my new Great Big Sea CD in my
hand and an old Great Big Sea CD playing on my iPod. As it changed from
one song to another, the song didn’t start. I pulled it out of my pocket
and looked, and the display seemed frozen – it wouldn’t react to any of
the buttons. So I did a full reset, and got the icon showing a folder
with an exclamation point. So I did another full reset – and this time I
got an icon showing a disk and a magnifying glass, and then a while later
I got the “sad ipod” icon.

While messing around to see if I could fix it, I noticed some strange
noises while it was booting. And afterwards I was trying to take it take
it out of the Marware case it lives in and something is rattling around
inside it.

This is so strange – you’d expect rattly noises if I’d dropped it and it
immediately stopped working, but I’d been listening to it.

Oh, and just to make sure this day is perfect, the Apple web site where you order a repair tells me that I’m giving an invalid serial number, so I can’t even have the privilege of paying $260 to fix it.