You got on, you can damn well get off

If there’s one thing I hate about the first of the month, it’s the flood of people on my mailing lists who get their monthly mailing list reminder, and rather than reading the damn thing and following the directions, send me email saying “please change my email address” or “please unsubscribe me”. 99% of the time, they don’t even tell me which mailing list, not that I care because I’m not going to do it manually. Today is running true to form – I’ve got 3 of these so far, and will probably get another 5 or so before the day is out, and a bunch more trickling in through the week.

Is it so god-damned hard to read and understand a few simple directions?

And of course, let’s never forget the people with those idiotic vacation messages. You know, back in 1987 I used “vacation” that came with BSD Unix, and *it* knew enough not to send vacation replies back to mailing lists. So why don’t the current crop of GUI-ridden crapware mail programs understand that simple concept?