Because of that problem I have with my router losing it’s mind every few days, I decided to take advantage of a feature in the new firmware that allows you to schedule a reboot every day. I set it for 2 am. Last night was the first night.

I got up this morning, and nothing seemed to be talking to the outside world. I went to the router’s status page, and it showed no problems – the router had been up since 2am, I still had the same IP address, no indication of trouble. I clicked the “DHCP renew” button, however, and it gave me a new IP. That’s not good – that indicates that it probably hadn’t been talking to RoadRunner’s DHCP server since it came up. I guess there’s still a bug in the auto-reboot code.

9 thoughts on “Arrgghh!”

  1. And now you’re back! I wondered where you’d gone – it meant I had to do some work instead.

  2. I have a WRT54G, and know people with several others, and *none* of them needs to be rebooted. Is there any chance that you’re seeing hardware problems, not software bugs?

  3. Scott, SpamKarma thought you took too long (more than 1800 seconds) between loading the comment form and actually commenting. I don’t know if that was your fault or mine, but you might want to look at your system clock and time zone settings.

  4. Ahh, I see. I guess that makes sense–I had a tab for this page open for a while before I got around to writing a comment.

  5. As to your suggestion of a hardware bug – I did find one web site that suggested that the 2.2 version of the hardware is prone to hardware problems, which is why they rushed out a 3.0 version soon afterwards. However, another site says that the only hardware difference between v2.2 and v3.0 is a button for “Broadcom’s new Secure EZ Setup”.

    I very much doubt I’ll be able to convince Amazon to take it back, so I guess I’m left hoping that the DD-WRT guys fix the automatic rebooting problem.

  6. i just searched for “arrgghh” n this site was the 1st 1 that came up. i was feeling in an arrgghh mood

  7. I too searched for arrgghh, and was rewarded to find not only plenty of arrgghh, but a healthy dose of ‘damn machines’ and ‘friggindargindangfangshitpiedamn”

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