Warning: Even for a blog posting, this one is pretty pointless.

For the last several days, just as I’m getting out of the car at work I’ve noticed that there is a damp spot on my left thigh. It’s been mystifying me, especially since it never seems to hit my right thigh. So today I tried to pay attention – when I put my bum bag on I checked to make sure it’s not damp. I checked the car door and the steering wheel. No dampness. And on the way to work I noticed that spot was back, but not as damp as it usually is by the time I get to work. So I put my hand over the spot to see if I could feel more dampness arriving. And it got damper under my hand!

Cue the Twilight Zone music.

That’s when I noticed something else – my new watch has a nylon and velcro band. My old one had a metal band. Oh. The light dawns. This watch band absorbs water in the shower, and then it leeches out onto my pants when I rest my hand on my thigh when I drive.

Mystery solved. I guess I should take off my watch in the shower?