This morning, because of the pain in my elbows caused from overzealous paddling yesterday, I took some asseto^Waceto^Wecset^Wtylenol with codiene. At first I just felt this weird feeling of disassociation from my body – except the pain in my elbows, that penetrated like a million candlepower spot light through fog. But 5 minutes ago I broke out in a sweat and now I feel like I’m going to throw up. It’s going to be a fun day at work.

Update: Around 10:30 I had to literally RUN to the bathroom because I was about to throw up. I got there, but I didn’t throw up. I stood over the toilet for 15 minutes until the urge passed. It’s now 2pm, and I finally feel like I can actually think and work again, but of course my elbows are quite painful – although no worse than they were a few days ago. I used to have a large jar of ibuprophen in my desk drawer, but I took it out for some reason. I think I need to bring it back.

Close on the house, go kayaking

First I wrote the biggest check I’ve ever written in my life, and went to the bank to get a bank check for that amount. Then we went to the lawyer’s office to wear out a couple of pens signing and initialing several trees worth of paper.

Once that was over, I came home and went for a paddle. Without Vicki, so I paddled faster than I should have and took fewer rest stops. I tried to concentrate on making a good stroke without much elbow action, except when doing sweeps. I’m starting to feel a little twinge in my left elbow, so I’ll probably regret it tomorrow. There was a pretty brisk breeze blowing (the aviation weather report said gusting up to 19 knots), which was mostly acting opposite the stream, so paddling downwind and up river and then down river and into the wind, but the creek is twisty enough that sometimes I was fighting both stream and wind, and sometimes I was getting benefit from both.

I did the left fork up from the wier, which is a lot less used than the right fork, and much twistier and with a bunch of false creeks. Lots of paddling with the skeg up, maneuvering around, which probably isn’t so good for my elbows but quite fun.

At one point I coasted along a paddle’s length away from a Great Blue Heron whispering to it that I wasn’t a threat and it didn’t have to fly away. Another point I came around a corner and saw a 20 metre straight stretch of river with 5 geese poking their heads up out of the grass on the bank.