Spam Karma 7, Spammers 0

It’s two months to the day since I switched from MovableType to WordPress, and the spammers finally found me. And SpamKarma deleted all 7 spams without a whimper. It even decided that one IP was a repeat spammer and banned them from my blog entirely. I checked and that IP has a http redirector on port 80, probably installed without the computer owner’s knowledge.

I hate spammers with the firey passion of a thousand suns. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for them to start spamming my blog again, and I’m quite relieved to see that SpamKarma handled the first onslaught with nary a whimper.

In other geek news, I’ve got good news: I’ve got Tiger on my laptop. It’s been running the CPU and disk for hours now indexing it for Spotlight. But Dashboard is pretty cool. I kind of wish it would have an option to display the widgets all the time like Konfabulator, but it’s a good replacement for it. I hope somebody fixes GnuControl soon.

And in other geek news, I’ve got bad news: My Linksys router did that thing where the wireless side loses its mind again. The new firmware didn’t fix it. I’ve heard there are hardware problems with the V2.2 hardware. I guess that’s why it was so cheap. I’m also guessing there is no way in hell I’ll get Linksys to take it back.

2 thoughts on “Spam Karma 7, Spammers 0”

  1. I hope somebody fixes GnuControl soon.

    Is GnuControl a keyboard modifier like uControl? I hear that Tiger lets you modify keys out of hte box (though not as extensively as uControl).

  2. GnuControl is uControl. I got the name wrong. And I discovered the “make the caps lock key act like control” setting just after I posted that.

    Is there a better way to uninstall uControl than finding the various directories in /Library and /System and blowing them away?

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