Another long paddle

Today I did the same paddle as I wrote about in Rants and Revelations » Blog Archive » Long Slow Distance training.

The bay was pretty calm, and I started off with a bit of a following swell and an almost imperceptible tail wind. At the one mile point, the wind started to turn to my face, and it was pretty much a side wind the whole time.

In spite of the new paddle, or maybe because of it, my total time wasn’t much better than the last time – about 1:05 instead of 1:12. Since adjusting my technique, I seem to be using a muscle in my shoulder that I haven’t been using before, so I get very sore up there and have to keep stopping and resting it. Here are my splits:

End of the channel (about 0.5 miles): 0:05.12
One Mile Point (about 1.0 miles) 0:12.21
Two Mile Point (about 1.8 miles) 0:22.24
Bridge (about 2.7 miles) 0:32.41
Two Mile Point (about 3.6 miles) 0:42.00
One Mile point (about 4.4 miles) 0:52.03
End of the channel (about 4.8) 0:59.41
Finish (about 5.3) 1:05.00