Do the Wolf Cubs count?

In anticipation of an Obama victory, I’m filling out a N-400 (Application for Naturalization). One of the questions asks me to list every club or organization I’ve ever belonged to, anywhere. Ok, I think I’ve got most of the ones I belong to now, and I remember belonging to the Wolf Cubs (sort of a junior Boy Scouts) back when I lived in Schomberg, but I’m a little hazy on what I belonged to in between.

Does the stamp collecting club at my public school count? How about the Strategy Gamers club at my high school. (Yes, the nerd die was cast early.) Oh, speaking of die… Oh wait, our D&D group never called itself a club. Never mind then.

I used to have a ski racer’s “card”, which I needed to race in local cross country ski races, but I don’t remember who issued it.

Oh, I think I have a card in my wallet that says I belong to the Subway Sub Club, does that count? Probably not since I didn’t actually give them my name, just money and little stamps.

I thought about adding PFLAG, even though I’m not technically a member, just to see if it would raise any alarm bells.

Sigh. I can see this is going to be a long process.

Blind. Sided.

I renewed my aviation medical today, and while it was relatively painless, I failed the vision test without my reading glasses, and so now I have a restriction. Which is stupid, because I have no problem reading things at the distance of my charts or GPS, it’s only really close up and in dim light that I need my glasses. Also I still appear to have some twitchiness in my right eye, the one that was having problems, due to lack of sleep and I have no doubt that I’d pass the test on a normal day.

Oh well. It sucks getting old.


I’m at the Ontario Linux Fest in Toronto right now. I thought people would look at me funny for Mac OS X on my laptop instead of some version of Linux. There are about 5 people here with Mac laptops, but several of them are running Linux on them, but the talk I just went to was done by a guy with a MacBook Air running Mac OS X.

You know, it struck me that it’s a good thing I’ve still got my Treo phone, because as a Prius driving, MacBook Pro using Obama supporter, having an iPhone would probably drive me through my personal Schwartzchild radius and compress me into a black hole of pretentiousness.