Do the Wolf Cubs count?

In anticipation of an Obama victory, I’m filling out a N-400 (Application for Naturalization). One of the questions asks me to list every club or organization I’ve ever belonged to, anywhere. Ok, I think I’ve got most of the ones I belong to now, and I remember belonging to the Wolf Cubs (sort of a junior Boy Scouts) back when I lived in Schomberg, but I’m a little hazy on what I belonged to in between.

Does the stamp collecting club at my public school count? How about the Strategy Gamers club at my high school. (Yes, the nerd die was cast early.) Oh, speaking of die… Oh wait, our D&D group never called itself a club. Never mind then.

I used to have a ski racer’s “card”, which I needed to race in local cross country ski races, but I don’t remember who issued it.

Oh, I think I have a card in my wallet that says I belong to the Subway Sub Club, does that count? Probably not since I didn’t actually give them my name, just money and little stamps.

I thought about adding PFLAG, even though I’m not technically a member, just to see if it would raise any alarm bells.

Sigh. I can see this is going to be a long process.

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  1. I don’t think you have to go overboard on that section. I listed two current hobby club memberships and a couple of professional organizations. I really don’t think they care about your wolf cub membership and the like. At my interview the officer simply asked if I were still a member of those organizations, I said “yes”, and he moved on to the next item.

  2. I listed everything, from the Scouting association, Fantasy and wargaming society, Student’s Union, etc…

    I got ‘name the first 13 states’ on my civics test.

  3. I first (mis)read “N-400 (Application for Neutrualization)” and thought: why would anyone formally apply for suicide? 😀

  4. Sir –

    First off, welcome to American citizenship, warts and all. I hope you and your family enjoy your full measure of the things that make this nation worth living in.

    Just curious what the U.S. under an Obama presidency brings to you that another nation doesn’t. Canada seems similar in many ways (bear in mind I live in Alaska), without the War in Iraq, nationalized health care, and a higher degree of gun control than here.

    Please don’t think I’m being a troll – while I may not agree with some of your stances, I’d appreciate the insight of an intelligent man with a different perspective on life here. Thank you for your time.

  5. R.Denison (can I call you “R”?): I’ve been a permanent resident of the United States for over 10 years, so I’ve been eligible for citizenship for a while. However, I have vowed not to become a citizen of a country governed by a man who condones torture. Bush authorized it, McCain voted for the Military Commissions Act which legalized Bush’s illegal torture, so I would not become a US citizen while either of those two butchers were in charge. I have high hopes that Obama will take a principled stand and outlaw it.

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