Long Lake Long Boat Regatta, the full details

Update: The official results have been posted here
It’s all Dan’s fault. That’s Dan Murn, my coach, and the most outgoing guy in three states – I know that, because if there was anybody more outgoing in Vermont or New Hampshire you could hear them from here.
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My latest million dollar idea

I was “admiring” the places where my PFD has rubbed my back raw, and I was starting to think how you’d design a PFD that wouldn’t rub when you’re paddling hard. It seemed to me that you could do alternating horizontal bands of floatation material and spandex, so that they could flex as you rotated your torso.

But then I realized a couple of facts

  • the “real” racing paddlers I know don’t wear their PFDs, they strap them to back of the kayak.
  • most paddlers as fat as me don’t have a proper torso twist racing technique