Bought a paddle

Tonight’s “B Team” workout was actually a paddle tryout. We had a representative from Brača-Sport with about a dozen different paddles, and both the rep and Dan were doing a pretty good job of matching us up with paddles that are good for us. In my case, they suggested I try the Brácsa II, the VI and the VIII, but they were sure I’d like the VIII the most. And I did. The VIII has a very long and narrow blade, and it gives me a very gentle catch. With my big fat wide Big Spoons paddle, paddling hard gives me a big hard jerk when I first put the blade in the water and start pulling, but this one seems to ramp up from less drag to more gradually.

Dan, Lars (the factory rep), and several of the other paddlers remarked on how much better my stroke was with this paddle. Being a wing paddle, it comes out of the water as it passes my body almost on its own. And it’s light as a feather.

I’m really excited about this paddle – as I’ve been ramping up the amount I paddle in preparation for the Long Lake race, I’ve been getting more elbow pain, and I think the more gentle catch will go a long way towards alleviating that pain.

Funny story: the company is called Brača-Sport, but the paddles are called Brácsa. That wasn’t intentional – but after they made their first lot of paddles, they sent them out to be silk screened, and they came back with this typo on them. They had spent all their money on the carbon fibre, and had none left to fix the problem, so they shrugged and changed the name of the paddles but not the company.