Stack Overflow not counting XP?

Is it just me, or is Stack Overflow no longer updating the count of how many reputation points you have? Mine hasn’t gone up in the last four hours, even though I’ve gotten two “Nice Answer” badges in that time. Just for an experiment, I tried voting up a couple of answers by Kris Johnson, and his count didn’t go up either.

Update It appears that it’s stopped giving me more XP because I’ve already gotten 200 on the day. And the fact that I’ve been averaging fewer than 50 a day since last Friday, when I’d been up over 100 a day before that, doesn’t mean I can accumulate more. Damn level caps.

Update Today on StackOverflow, as well as hitting my XP cap, I earned 4 “Nice Answer” bronze badges, a silver “Enlightened” and a silver “Good Answer”. Today I was on fire.