Today’s excitement

Ok, this is not what I wanted for today: 13WHAM-TV || Rochester – Police Searching Kodak Site for Armed Man

There were about a brazillion cop and Kodak Security cars out front, and lots of rumours flying around. When the rumour came that they were shortly going to start evacuating the building, I decided to beat the rush and leave right away.

Ok, that link went away. So I’ll just paste in the current story

No Gun Found at Kodak Park

(Rochester, N.Y.) – Police did not find an armed man at a Kodak complex on Mt. Read Boulevard. Just before 9 a.m., Kodak security got a report of a person carrying a firearm at Building 205. After police found no apparent threat, Kodak evacuated 1,100 workers from Building 205 and the adjacent Building 214.

Kodak workers will get full pay for the day, and are expected to be back on the job tomorrow.

Kodak and police are still investigating whether someone brought a firearm into the plant.

Building 205 is a very large building with industrial and office parts, and I’m sure somebody could hide something there pretty easily. On the other hand, people carry a lot of stuff in and out of the place and I’m sure somebody bringing a long object like a rolled up movie poster could be mistaken for a gun.