After Friday’s revelation by the orthopod that the elbow pain is most likely joint related rather than tendon related, my physio changed tactics and did some pulling and pushing on my arms that seemed designed to loosen up the joint. And I think it worked at loosening things up.

For all last evening, and most of the night, my left elbow would get feeling “out of joint”, and then I’d rotate my wrist and you could *hear* it snap back into position, and then it would be relatively painless for some time until the next time it needed to be snapped back, usually within 10 or 15 minutes. It’s still doing it now. It feels weird and just a little disquieting.

And some regress to go with that progress

I took two of those pain pills before going to bed last night, at about 12:30. I woke up about 9:30, and immediately had to run for the bathroom – I thought I was going to throw up, but I didn’t. I was nauseated and sweaty, so I went back to bed. And woke up at 1:30, still feeling a little nauseated and sweaty.

Googling for “ultracet side effects” shows that about 3% of people in the clinical trials reported nausea. So maybe it’s not the pills, but I don’t think I’m going to risk it.

Progress, of a sort

As I blogged about earlier, last night the pain in my elbows was so bad I could barely sleep last night, even with a massive overdose of Alieve. I called my physiotherapist, but she doesn’t work on Fridays. I called my doctor, but he doesn’t work on Fridays. I had read somewhere that sometimes tennis elbow responds to cortisone injections, and so even though the only cortisone injection I’ve had hurt like hell going in and didn’t do much, I was desperate enough to try it. The doctor’s nurse does work on Fridays, however, and she arranged an appointment for me at a “urgent care” orthopedist.
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This is not good.

In spite of 3 weeks of physio therapy and behaviour modification (better typing position, taking breaks from typing to stretch), and a month and a half of not kayaking, last night my left elbow was more painful than it has ever been before. I had to ice it and take three Alieve tablets before bed, and I still didn’t sleep very well. Shouldn’t I be seeing improvement, not worsening at this point?