Mixture rich, boost pump on, beacon on, fuel….paid for?

Today on the way into work I was thinking about my next flying club bill, specificially the fuel credits part. And I realized that I never saw a fuel slip at the FBO on Sunday. And then I realized that I’d given them a credit card for the car rental on Saturday, but never given them a credit card on Sunday. Oh, I thought, what are the odds that Vicki paid for the fuel while she was inside waiting for me to pre-flight. Probably not good, since I never mentioned it to her and so she probably assumed I took care of it.

Luckily, the “Weather on your cell phone” service I signed up for has FBO phone numbers on it, so I was able to look up the phone number, call them, apologize profusely and give them my credit card number all on the walk across the parking lot to work.