Considering MythTV

Vicki and I were discussing the possibility of buying a Pioneer DVR-810H, which is a combination TiVo and DVD recorder and player, because they’ve been discontinued and sites all over the net are advertising them for less than half price. However, I soon discovered that any site that claims they have it in stock is lying through their teeth, and will cheerfully tell you that they’ll ship it to you as soon as it comes in – I guess they don’t quite get the concept of “discontinued”.
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Thursday morning

Yesterday my physio gave me a 24 hour iontophoresis patch. Kind of a cool idea – it uses two patches, one with the drug, one with an electrolyte solution, and a metallic strip joining them. The idea seems to be to form an electrical circuit along the muscle and have the ions of the drug migrate through the muscle. I have no idea if it works. This morning that elbow feels worse than the other one, but it normally feels worse.

She also told me to stop doing that stretch that hurts so much.

I’m beginning to wonder if the quick diagnosis of tennis elbow was correct – the pain feels more like it’s in the joint than in the tendon.