Progress, of a sort

As I blogged about earlier, last night the pain in my elbows was so bad I could barely sleep last night, even with a massive overdose of Alieve. I called my physiotherapist, but she doesn’t work on Fridays. I called my doctor, but he doesn’t work on Fridays. I had read somewhere that sometimes tennis elbow responds to cortisone injections, and so even though the only cortisone injection I’ve had hurt like hell going in and didn’t do much, I was desperate enough to try it. The doctor’s nurse does work on Fridays, however, and she arranged an appointment for me at a “urgent care” orthopedist.
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This is not good.

In spite of 3 weeks of physio therapy and behaviour modification (better typing position, taking breaks from typing to stretch), and a month and a half of not kayaking, last night my left elbow was more painful than it has ever been before. I had to ice it and take three Alieve tablets before bed, and I still didn’t sleep very well. Shouldn’t I be seeing improvement, not worsening at this point?