Photography news

At today’s picnic for Entertainment Imaging employees, I got at honourable mention in the photography contest for one of my crow pictures.

I used the 25 dollar gift certificate to pay for some film I’d just had developed. I got some new and better pictures for my
Standing Stones gallery (starting on page 2) and for my Crows gallery (again, starting on page 2).

I also got some pictures back from the Alaska cruise, mostly from the whale watching part. Most of the pictures don’t grab me that much, but a couple might be good if I crop them down and blow them up. Oh, but those are on the Picture CD I left in the car, so hopefully I’ll get those uploaded later.

Kayak dream

Last night on the drive home from Ottawa, I was thinking about some pictures I’d like to try taking when I get kayaking again. One of the things I like to do with photography is get unusual camera angles, and I came up with some good ones that I could use the unusual folding nature of the Coolpix to good advantage.
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My car, the mother

One thing I’ve discovered from buying brand new cars is that it starts out being your pride and joy, but eventually you start longing for the day when you can replace it. The transition is slow, but two of the biggest break points on that transition are the first big scratch or dent that you decide not to bother fixing, and the first major repair work. This weekend, I think I got both of those out of the way.
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