Sleep something or other

Last night before going to bed I put in my earplugs. I use the disposable squeezy ones that you have to roll between your fingers to make them small so you can jam them in your ears. They were brand new, so they fit extremely well. When I woke up this morning, they weren’t in my ears. It’s unusual for new ones to fall out – usually after I’ve been using them for a week or so they get so unsqueezy that they don’t go properly inside my ear canal but just sit in the “porches of my ears” (to quote from Hamlet). I wondered why they’d fallen out, but when I woke up I didn’t find them in the bed clothes like I’d expected. Instead one was on the side table, and one was placed on the tiny bit of flat space on top of the headboard. I guess I somehow managed to remove them in the night without even waking up enough to remember afterwards that I’d done so.

I wonder why?

3 thoughts on “Sleep something or other”

  1. Or maybe someone else snuck in at night and carefully removed them from your ears, and then carefully snuck out again, being extra-quiet this time.

    Creepy, huh?

  2. More than once, some mysterious force has turned off my alarm click whilst I was asleep, and I’ve missed some important but unpleasant appointment.

    Perhaps it’s the same Sleep Gremlin.


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