Jokes and the joking jokesters who tell them.

Went to see Al Franken last night. Sure, if you’d read his “Lies and the Lying Liars” book and seen his interview on the Daily Show the other day, there wouldn’t have been all that much new material, but man it felt good. It’s good to allow yourself to think, if even for an evening, that there are a few thousand people in your own city who are as mad about the Bush administration as you are, and (being citizens and voters) are in a better situation than you to do something about it. Hey, all I can do is give money to candidates and organizations like and the ACLU, and give moral support to guys like Al Franken, and so that is exactly what I do.

Tomorrow I’m going to set up AudioHijack on the G4 to capture his new radio show to disk. If and when I have a working iPod, I can load the previous days show and listen to it at work.