Bye bye baby

I’ve accepted a down payment on the Skerray, which means I need to get in touch with Frank as soon as he’s back in town to buy the Looksha. I’m going to miss the old boat, because it was everything I needed from a kayak except fast. I’d also better get back to finishing the Arctic Tern so I have something for casual paddling.

In less exciting news, I turned down the job offer from Paychex because they would only give me 2 weeks paid vacation.

3 thoughts on “Bye bye baby”

  1. You turned down the job offer from Paychex? I thought only 2 weeks vacation is THE usual in the united states, around here its 26 work days (mon-sat) guaranteed minimum by law.

    I suppose you do not get any kind of unemployment money from the state?

    Do you have some interviews lined up?

  2. Yes, 2 weeks vacaton is standard in the US, but if you’ve got some experience and age, you shouldn’t have to be on an equal footing with some doofus straight out of college. Most businesses will recognize that.

  3. > …. with some doofus straight out of college.

    That sounds hateful.

    Around here, you only get 1 extra holiday if you turn 50, maybe at 60 there is 1 additional, but thats not sure. By law, its “only” 26 work days for all ages, but my current contract says 30 and my worker union just negiotated additional days with my current employer, but thats only a negiotiation.

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