4 thoughts on “Help me lazyweb (Eclipse edition)”

  1. The local eclipse devs have just told me that the change should be persistent across Eclipse restarts, as long as you use the “group by” menu and don’t just click the headers in the table.

  2. John, that’s not my experience. I use the pull down menu on the Problems tab to set this, and I have to set it every time I quit and restart Eclipse.

  3. I’m sorry, then, I don’t have anything to else to suggest. I don’t use Eclipse myself, but I’ve got three Eclipse guys in the office with me today, one on a Mac and two on Windows, and they all agree: “Launch Eclipse, set your grouping preferences in the Problem view, and shutdown Eclipse.

    the next time that you launch Eclipse on the same workspace, it will remember these settings.”

    Maybe there’s something strange about your installation or Workspace settings? Does it happen the same way on a fresh workspace?

  4. I’ve had the same problem at my last job on Linux as I’m having at this job on Windows. In both cases, the reason I care is that I’m using the FindBugs plugin, and I want to keep the FindBugs results separate from the billions of warnings about generic types.

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