NRA assholes

I got a phone call from the NRA. They’ve been persistent about it – evidently they called a couple of times and asked for me when I wasn’t there, so somehow I got on their list as a gun owner, even though I haven’t owned a gun since long before I moved to this country. They made me listen to a recorded message from the president of the NRA with a bunch of bullshit about how Barack Obama wants to team up with Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton to steal your guns. Then they asked me a couple of questions:

The first one was “Are you a proud gun owner” – I said yes, even though I’m not, just to see where they were going with this (as if I didn’t know).

The second one was an incredibly leading question about Obama, something about being worried about his “anti-gun ownership agenda”, and when I said “Absolutely not”, the questioner was utterly flat footed, like she’d never heard anybody answer the wrong way before. She thanked me for my time and hung up.