What a day!

Got an piece of beta software that I’ve been waiting for for a while, but it required that I upgrade my Linux box from Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04. The upgrade seemed to work fine, but the kernel paniced when I rebooted. It booted on “Linux.OLD”, an older kernel, but my USB keyboard didn’t work and several other things weren’t working right. I re-ran “lilo” thinking it might get the proper kernel booted, but instead it removed “Linux.OLD” from the boot menu, and now I have no way to boot it. Downloading a Live CD right now.

Went flying for the first time in a long time. The plane is badly out of rig and with full left rudder trim, still required more left rudder to center the ball. I didn’t have any destination in mind, just flew around a bit to a couple of airports I rarely visit. My third landing wasn’t too bad.

Went with Vicki to buy her a kayak. She bought a Swift Saranac 14, which is a pretty good boat, and very popular. I hope she gets lots of use out of it.

Although the menu and other buttons on the new camera don’t work, I can still take pictures with it (just can’t change the ISO, or switch to shooting in RAW, or any number of other adjustments). First picture is here.

One thought on “What a day!”

  1. re ubuntu, i’m running both 7.10 and 8.04 (been using HH since beta) on different machines. i’ve been very happy with 8.04 but i have been unable to upgrade from GG to HH due to installed driver issues forcing an install vs upgrade. however, i am currently having a problem with one HH system with a kernel upgrade (to 2.6.22-15) causing a X server crash (due to some NVIDIA issue). i have grub fall back to the previous and it works fine. i’m very happy with HH in general except for this new NVIDIA problem which i have not looked into yet. i’ll probably re-install my other 2 systems to get to HH very soon.
    re flying, weather is bad here this weekend (low vis and no IFR rating for me yet) so it’s more time on the computers (which is a lot cheaper).

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