Free clue

If you start a long rambling description of a problem, and in the middle of it I interrupt you to say “fixed three builds ago”, that means that I understood the description, and realized it was identical to a problem I recently fixed. Your action at that point should be to go back and upgrade your system, not continue with your rambling description. Because otherwise I’ll be forced to put my earbuds back in and resume listening to Glen Gould and ignore you until you go away.


One thought on “Free clue”

  1. I saw an interesting variation on this yesterday. For various reasons, many of which were my fault, we didn’t have a build for a week. So imagine my surprise when I got a bug back Wednesday that I’d fixed Monday – how could a bug have failed QA if they hadn’t gotten a build that included the fix?

    Turned out that they read my description of the bug, and decided they didn’t really think that was the underlying problem, so they returned it to me, untested.

    You can imagine the level of snarkiness in my response. And when they did get a build yesterday afternoon? Turned out it really _was_ fixed by my change.

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