Attention Democrats and swing voters

The Democratic Party has had a rarity, two highly qualified and good candidates this time, and consequently it’s taking a bit of time to decide which of them should be our candidate. People have invested time and money and their personal feelings on one or the other of the two candidates. But if you get peeved that your candidate didn’t win and sit out the election in protest, vote for a third party candidate, or even worse, vote for McCain, you’re condemning the country to at least 4 more years of the same rampant incompetence, cronyism, pandering to the crazy Christian Right, preemptive wars against the wrong enemies, and hatred of anybody different from them as we had under Bush. Only as well as all that, McCain has a violent temper and is borderline senile. And don’t forget, some of the remaining left-leaning Supreme Court judges are getting up there in years. How safe do you think our civil liberties would be if we had another Rhenquist or Alito on the bench?

The media has decided that McCain is a tough maverick and a renegade. But the truth is, he is a Bush neocon through and through, and toes the party line. Take
The Bush-McCain Challenge and see.