Kayak Construction, not so bad on the next day

Today I took the weights and the mylar sheets off, and it doesn’t look too bad. The first one I did (the lower one in this picture) has some areas where the fibreglas weave shows through because it didn’t get enough epoxy, and it trapped some dirt in the epoxy in the part that wasn’t covered by the mylar. I tried sanding out the dirt and I think I got most of it. I’m not sure what I can do about the weave showing through, although it’s a lot more visible close up than if you stand back a bit.

The second one (the upper one in this picture) also has a bit of weave showing, but much less. It’s very smooth and shiny and I could almost be proud of it.

The rest actually came out much better. I think you can see a bit of weave on one or two others, but for the most part you can hardly see that there is fibreglas under there.

Today isn’t warm enough to do the other side, but I’ve got to go to work anyway. Tomorrow should be good. I’ll definitely use more epoxy, keep clean bricks close to hand, and use the brush to dab rather than brush the epoxy on the tape.