That can’t be good

I just dropped my 60Gb Photo iPod in the toilet. Fortunately, after I’d flushed. But now it’s acting funny. I’m hoping that if I leave it alone for a while, it will dry out and be ok. Otherwise, I might be getting that video iPod sooner than I wanted.

5 thoughts on “That can’t be good”

  1. My nano made it through the washing machine. It had to be reinitialized with the software, and the battery sensor was flaky for almost a month – it only had two states – “battery full” and “battery empty”.

    But even that fixed itself eventually.

  2. > I just dropped my 60Gb Photo iPod in the toilet.

    Do you realize how self-incriminating that sounds?

  3. Tina: Solid state iPods are probably a lot more robust than hard disk ones. I’m not hopeful.

    Jen: iPods don’t open easily. I understand that the third-party battery replacement places send you a special tool with the replacement battery.

    Frank: I’m not sure what you mean. Because I wear it clipped to my belt, I have to take it off before I undo my belt, and put it back on after I do it up, but this time it popped off.

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