Can’t win, shouldn’t try

I got a notice that Gallery 2.2 is out, and they recommend upgrading. So I thought I’d try. And it seemed straightforward enough. I did all the steps, and when it got to the part in the automated upgrade about updating plugins, it start spewing hundreds of errors, both database and file system. And any attempt to continue the upgrade without updating the plugins got me to a page saying the theme I’m using wasn’t present, and when I attempted to change the theme it booted me back into the upgrade process.

I deleted the entire php directory and restored it from backup, and deleted the database and restored it from backup. But it told me that I was using a newer version of the Gallery core module than the rest of the program, and said I couldn’t do that. I have no idea where this “core module” is if it’s not in the gallery2 directory. So I’ve blown away the entire gallery, including the g2data directory, and am restoring it from backup. That includes all the picture files, so it’s probably going to take hours. Let’s hope it works.

One thought on “Can’t win, shouldn’t try”

  1. Sorry about the troubles you’re going through with your upgrade.

    Please consider posting a topic in the G2 support forum at
    We’ll gladly help you to get your G2 back up and running.

    FYI: The G2 core module is as any other G2 module in gallery2/modules/ (e.g. modules/core/).

    My guess is that you didn’t restore g2data/ (the storage folder of gallery where all the images are saved).
    g2data/versions.dat is a textfile that stores the core module version.
    Since you restored the gallery2/ folder and the DB, it detected that your g2data/ folder doesn’t match anymore.

    I’d be interested in the errors that you’ve seen when upgrading or afterwards.
    Please post them to the G2 forums.


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