Dunn tire for teh win!

This happens so infrequently to me, I had to blog about it.

My front tires are quite worn. I need to take my care in tomorrow to get a state inspection, and I wasn’t 100% sure they’d pass. So I was planning to take the care to Dunn Tire, where I bought them, to get them to have a look. But this morning as I was getting in my car I realized that the rear tires were bought at the same time, and they look fine.

I went into Dunn and asked them to look at the tires and see if they needed replacing or just rotating front to back. They put it up on the rack and said “they’re fine, but they do need to be rotated, and possibly balanced”. And rotation is free because I bought them there, so I just had to pay for the balancing. I was so stunned I agreed to pay for them to put nitrogen in the tires, even though that’s a bunch of hooey. $33 when I was expecting hundreds.

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