No OpenID, I’m afraid

I tried to install this OpenID Comments for WordPress plugin. My luck with with WordPress plugins is about 50% success, and most of the ones that fail seem to be ones suggested by Jen. Or at least my biggest other failures have been with various plugins that attempted to embed my Gallery, and Jen seemed to have no trouble with hers. (I got it to the point where it was throwing off “duplicate primary key” errors, but no closer.)

This time, it looks like it would go off to LiveJournal, get successfully authenticated, but when it came back instead of putting the comment on the post it was posted to, it was putting it on the same non-existent blog URL as in the “-1 comments” debacle. The “-1 comments” thing was caused because LJXP was sending off the entry to LiveJournal before the comment number plugin knew what postid it was, but I hacked the code of both plugins and made it work. This time I looked for something obvious, but with no luck.

Maybe somebody can suggest an OpenID WordPress plugin that works?

3 thoughts on “No OpenID, I’m afraid”

  1. Ha! It might be that the plugins don’t play nicely with your template.

    I accidentally broke the OpenID plugin recently; I stupidly decided to upgrade WordPress via my webhost’s script and it did not go well.

    Are you trying to comment on your WP blog with your LJ account, or trying to comment on your LJ blog with your WP OpenID identity?

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