When did I become such a weather wimp?

Back in the day, I’d ski all winter in a skin tight lycra suit. If it was really cold, I might add poly underwear (Lifa brand, of course) to wick the sweat away and a T-shirt, and shorts because frostbite “down there” is excruitiatingly painful, believe you me. I’d orienteer in the spring and fall, and in the summer I was backpacking and canoeing, all of these things done in every condition from hot and humid to freezing rain and snow. I won’t say I was comfortable all the time, but I coped.

Now I can’t seem to get comfortable. Other people’s houses (like my dad and step-mother’s this weekend) are air conditioned to the point where I’m freezing, outside the heat and humidity hit me like a solid wall, and even in my own car where I have complete control over the airconditioning and heat felt like I could get the temperature about right but were still too humid. At least in the airplane I can get up to where the air is thin and cold and turn on the heat. But I just feel “wrong” all the time. And it sucks.

I wonder if the secret to being able to stand the seasons is to spend more time outside in them and less time in over heated or over air conditioned cocoons?

2 thoughts on “When did I become such a weather wimp?”

  1. I’m inclined to agree. I tend to get nauseated and experience headaches when I move between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned spaces in summer, more so when moving from hot to cold. I’ve given up air conditioning at home except in the bedroom, and only when it’s so hot I can’t sleep. It makes me feel better.

    Usually, the seasons slide in gradually here in State College, and this makes cold more tolerable for me. During a particularly bad cold snap last year, I remember going outside when it was 20º F and thinking, “Wow, it’s warm out today!” This year, we suddenly went to 90º F in late early June, and it was misery-inducing.

  2. I think there’s also something about whether or not you’re able to adjust the climate. If you have A/C and heat under your control, there’s a sense that you can adjust things to create a “perfect” setting. The quote marks are because there is no such thing, of course — as soon as you get something close to ideal, external conditions or your own body needs start shifting and mess up the balance again.

    Since I moved into my new apartment in May, I’ve been experiencing the opposite. May was absurdly cold, and June so far has been sweltering. I know that if I’d already installed the A/C box it would have been on full blast non-stop for the past week. But since it’s not available, I’ve coped with the heat instead, and even gotten to a place where I can appreciate it (most of the time anyway) instead of resenting it.

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