Picked up the keys last night.

Last night we picked up the keys for the new house. I drove down our driveway, and we walked around the now empty house and for the first time it really felt like ours. It was great. We poked and prodded and discussed what we were going to put where. I wish we could just magically transport everything there overnight and start living there full time.

Here’s the weird thing, though: Normally I’m the pessimistic one, and it’s Vicki’s natural optimism that gets me through the day. But as we were going through the house, and especially on the drive back to our soon-to-be-ex-house, I had to keep reassuring Vicki that this is the right thing and we’re going to be so happy here. I was bubbling with enthusiasm, but Vicki was crying. That’s not right.

Even stranger was that we were looking at some of the things that need fixing, and future projects, and I was even enthusiastic about them. Normally me and spending money on household projects, or even worse, working on household projects go together like pure sodium and water. Ok, bad analogy – I don’t explode, I wince at the expense and try everything I can to avoid the work. So maybe we go together like oil and water. But I found myself actually getting enthused at the prospect of taking this beautiful period house and making it more period and more beautiful, and maybe a little bit more comfortable at the same time.

I hope I can convince Vicki that this is going to be a good thing. I know I’m convinced. Except for moving out of the Rupert house when Shani kicked me out, I can’t think of a single move I’ve done that wasn’t an improvement in my life, and which I didn’t look forward to before hand and be glad of afterwards (at least until it was time to move again.)