Man, I’m tired

I spent the afternoon cleaning up the basement. Or rather, I’d planned to clean up the basement, and what I managed was the two computer desks and a tiny bit of the bookshelves. I filled up about 4 garbage bags and a recycling bin. I’ve got two boxes of books and CDs and the Windows box to go to the new house. Oh, and one of the computer desks can go.

I’ve put a monitor back on my Linux server (since it’s not needed on the Windows box right now), and I’m posting this using elinks. Kind of weird.

I can see the progress, but unfortunately I can also feel the pain in my knees and legs, and also all the work left to be done. It’s so discouraging. I feel like I’m going to have to take a week off work just to get the house good enough to list, and then another week to get ready to move.