Why sure, I’d love to be your secretary

I’m working on something that’s fairly important and complicated, but it’s supporting current customers, not something on the critical path for the highest priority task, which is preparing for a trade show to get new customers. (I hate the fact that servicing current customers always takes a back seat to getting new customers, but that’s a rant for another time.)

There is another programmer who is working on tasks that are on the critical path. He’s task saturated, at least partly because he’s disorganized, only grudingly uses our source code management system, does stuff in a way that’s impossible for other people to understand, doesn’t document what he’s done, and when asked to explain only gives a vague generalities or launches into wild digressions. But because he’s on the critical path and I’m not, my boss thinks nothing of having me interrupt my work and do stuff for the other guy. And because the other guy is useless when it comes to explaining what he’s doing, often those interruptions are like today’s.

“Paul, I need to you remove these three lines from these four files, and submit a PCR for it.” Ok, fine. It only takes 10 minutes to do the edit, and another 10 minutes to process the PCR through the problem reporting system (which SUCKS, by the way). But it’s an interruption that I don’t want when I’m trying to concentrate on something. And lets not forget the 30 minutes of playing Net to get over my anger at being made into the most highly paid secretary outside of the executive floors.

What’s next?

I’m a pretty pessimistic guy (ok, brief pause while everybody who knows me says “No shit, Sherlock” and rolls around laughing), and so as I’m working in a job I like a lot (ok, I’m partially responsible for delivering all those god-damned ads at the beginning of movies, but really it’s not my fault) and I’m making a ton more money at it than I ever have in the past, I naturally have to wonder what’s next after this gig runs out.
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Recognition – only 8 years too late

One of the projects I’m proudest of having worked on, Cineon, won an Academy Award for technical excellence a few days ago. Too bad they shut down the project 7 years ago. (Yeah, the article says it shut down in 1997 – my resume says I left in 1998, not 1997).

The local paper has a badly written article about it:
Democrat & Chronicle: Business

But a better article can be found at Australian IT.

Somebody tell me why…

…just about every single cough medicine in a Canadian Shopper’s Drug Mart I was in this weekend is sucrose free, but both the local Wegmans and the local Rite Aid only have one or two sucrose free cough medicines, tucked away in a corner separate from the other cough medicines?

BTW: This cough has gone on over two weeks now, I think it’s probably time to see a doctor. Fuck.