Oshkosh, b’gosh

I don’t know why, but I very suddenly have been hit with a strong desire to go to EAA Airventure 2005 (yes, I wrote 2004 the first time, sue me), or “Oshkosh” as everybody who has ever been calls it. I can think of very little else these days. I looked at the club’s schedule, and sure enough 3 planes are already booked for that week, but the Lance wasn’t. So I’ve booked the Lance for just sort of “on spec”, but I will be looking for others to go with me. Or I might decide no to fly myself and go in the “airlift” – the local EAA chapter charters an airliner and one fee gets you the flights there and back, and dorm accomodation.
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Ten Things

Ganked from a friend’s friends locked LiveJournal.

Ten Things I’ve Done That I Bet You Haven’t:

  1. Got my pilots license.
  2. Cross country skied 168km in 2 days. Twice. (Canadian Ski Marathon, 1981 and 1982.)
  3. Silver medal in Ontario Orienteering Championships, 1981. Competed in Canadian Orienteering Championships.
  4. Landed at EAA Airventure, Oshkosh 2003 (along with 11,000 other planes).
  5. Only Canadian (out of 4,000+ participants) at Jan Kjellstrom Orienteering Meet, Lake District, UK, 1992.
  6. Backpacked in Banff, canoe tripped in Algonquin Park and Georgian Bay.
  7. Adopted two children from Romania.
  8. Married twice – got it right the second time.
  9. Took the train from Toronto to Vancouver, saw Banff by moonlight.
  10. Registered and then gave away the domain “canoe.com” to the lying assholes at Toronto Sun Publishing.

I’m here, but should I have bothered?

I drove up to Ottawa last night. I definitely was feeling the effects of the sickness – I’d laid off the cough syrup and benedril so I wouldn’t be drowsy, but I noticed a definite slowing of my reaction times and some difficulty with division of attention. For instance, I had to retune my radio because I haven’t made the Ottawa trip since they had to yank the engine a few months ago, so none of the eastern stations were set – but I couldn’t do it in traffic because even feeling for the radio buttons and occassionally glancing at the display would put me over the lane lines. Damn good thing I decided not to fly, since you need be able to do several things at once and prioritize them way more actively than you do driving.
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iTunes Meme

Seen on somebody else’s (friends only, so I can’t link it) LiveJournal.

How many total songs?
18474 songs, 48:15:38:51

Sort by song title – first and last?
“? (Modern Industry)” by Fishbone
“遠き時代を求めて” by 久石譲
(No, I have no idea what that means, I’m just a cut and paste machine)

Sort by time – first and last?
“Jim Bachus” by 3rd Bass 0:04
“Terrors of Pleasure” by Spaulding Grey 1:11:32

Sort by Album – first and last?
“�Jonathan, Te Vas A Emocionar!” by Jonathan Richman.
“紅の豚 飛ばねぇ豚は、ただのブタだ!” by 久石譲

Top five played songs?
This is probably meaningless because 90% of the time I just use iTunes to load my iPod.

Find ‘sex’, how many songs show up?

Find ‘death’, how many songs show up?

Find ‘love’, how many songs show up?

Decision time

Ok, it’s nearly time to decide if I’m healthy enough to travel to Ottawa this weekend. I’m feeling better than I did yesterday, the sudafed keeps my nose from stuffing up and the cough seems to respond ok to DM-based cough syrup. But I’ve got pressure behind my eyes which isn’t responding to anything.

I really don’t want to cancel this trip – I told Alyssa that I’d take her snow boarding, and I was looking forward to learning how myself. Originally I told her I’d switch weekends with Liane, but when Liane’s weekend came up I had to help me move into a new apartment. And then when Alyssa’s weekend came up, I had to fly to Chicago for the memorial service. Next weekend is Liane’s weekend again, so this weekend had better be it.

I’m not going to be able to snow-board, but at least I can keep my promise to get Alyssa kitted out in rental equipment and in lessons. I really want to do this, but I’m not sure I can.