I’m here, but should I have bothered?

I drove up to Ottawa last night. I definitely was feeling the effects of the sickness – I’d laid off the cough syrup and benedril so I wouldn’t be drowsy, but I noticed a definite slowing of my reaction times and some difficulty with division of attention. For instance, I had to retune my radio because I haven’t made the Ottawa trip since they had to yank the engine a few months ago, so none of the eastern stations were set – but I couldn’t do it in traffic because even feeling for the radio buttons and occassionally glancing at the display would put me over the lane lines. Damn good thing I decided not to fly, since you need be able to do several things at once and prioritize them way more actively than you do driving.

Anyway, I risked life and limb and health to get up here, and when I picked up Alyssa this morning it turns out that she doesn’t want to start snow boarding this late in the year because it’s too late to buy a season pass, and she doesn’t want to start lessons if she can’t finish them because she’ll forget everything by next year. I told her that I’d get her a gift card or set up an account at the rental shop or whatever, so she didn’t need a season pass, but she still didn’t go for it. I made another attempt over dinner, but still no.

So of course with my one and only plan for the weekend shot down in flames, and me too sick to think straight, we just hung out together watching TV and commenting snidely about the designers on Trading Spaces and What Not to Wear.

The sinus headaches have mostly faded away, but the sudafed isn’t handling the runny nose so well, and I’ve just run out of cough syrup. My diaphram and back muscles are all strained and sore from coughing. On the way home from dinner, Alyssa and I drove around a bit looking for a pharmacy that’s open, with no luck. Man I have acclimatized to living in the US now and finding pharmacies all closed at 7:30 pm is just weird to me now.