This is getting ridiculous

In the last 24 hours, MT-Blacklist has stopped 168 comment spam attempts, and let one through.

Keep in mind that I close comments on any blog entry over 100 days old, so this is probably fewer than 100 blog entries that were the lucky recipients of those 169 comment spam attempts. Neither MT-Blacklist nor I see the attempts to comment spam the older ones unless I look for POST commands in my web log.

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that comment spammers are GET-ing pages on my web site with the referrer string set to the site they’re trying to spam for. I guess they’re hoping that people are running webalizer (which I note is enabled by default in Fedora Core 3) or some similar log analyser that puts up a log of referrer strings somewhere where Google can find it. So a warning to everybody reading this: if you’ve got a web log analyser, make sure it’s not somewhere were Google or any other search engine can find it.

Is that so wrong?

The TiVo picked up a Masterpiece Theatre that I caught a bit of last night. It’s a mini-series(?) about one of the Channel Islands that got invaded by the Germans during World War II.

One of the scenes showed one of the shop keepers refusing to sell to the German soldiers (I think her husband had been killed during the invasion), and then the German commander going ballistic and forcing her to lie down on the ground while he held a gun to her head. And all I could think of was that line from that British comedy series (whose name escapes me right now) “This is a local shop for local people – there’s nothing for you here.”