Somebody tell me why…

…just about every single cough medicine in a Canadian Shopper’s Drug Mart I was in this weekend is sucrose free, but both the local Wegmans and the local Rite Aid only have one or two sucrose free cough medicines, tucked away in a corner separate from the other cough medicines?

BTW: This cough has gone on over two weeks now, I think it’s probably time to see a doctor. Fuck.

One thought on “Somebody tell me why…”

  1. And I’ve been asking myself whether the sugar-free cough syrup I bought last year is still good. It expires 04/05, but the level has gone down enough since last year that there must have been some evaporation. A half spoonful should let me get some sleep.

    But, yeah, if the cough hasn’t eased up in two weeks, you really should see a doctor.

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