Been there, done that

Read this for a taste of what it’s like to be a maintenance programmer: Friday Feature: You’re all Morons. Read it quick, because I bet it will be taken down as soon as the honchos at Star Wars Galaxies find it.

My lusers aren’t as stupid as his, but what they don’t have in teenaged arrogance and stupidity they make up for in type-A personalities and ability to throw around purchasing power. “Oh, your last release had a bug in it? I guess we’ll take our $45 million contract somewhere else then instead. I bet your competitor doesn’t have bugs.” I bet they do, fuckwit.

Is it wrong to be optimistic?

Oh, probably. But I can’t help it – I went out today and bought a kayak. “My” paddle store, Bay Creek had their end of year clearance. I went still undecided whether I wanted to buy the Valley Avocet RM that I rented a few times and found a really fun boat, or the Valley Skerray RMX, which I rented several more times and found it *almost* as nice as the Avocet, but with a few drawbacks.
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This is one reason I hate using eBay

My dad gave me his old camera because mine crapped out. The lens he gave me with it didn’t include filters, and the filters on my old lenses don’t fit. So I thought I’d get the bare minimum, a 1A Skylight filter and a polarizer, from eBay. There was a guy selling a whole bunch of camera stuff, and he said in his actions that if you used the “Buy It Now” feature you didn’t have to the shipping, and if you bought two or more, you could take 50 cents off of each item as a “bulk discount”. He was an eBay power seller or whatever they call it, and he took PayPal so it should have been dead easy.

So I did the “Buy it now” on the two filters I wanted. The eBay checkout procedure would allow me to remove the shipping cost myself, but not the bulk discount. So I emailed the guy and asked him to update the price so I could send him the money. No answer. So the next day I just calculated how much the total should be and Paypal-ed him the money. But he still hasn’t answer any of my emails, nor has he acknowledged me in any way whatsoever. It’s been 4 days so far.

At what point do I say to myself that the money I paypal-ed to him is lost, he’s a fucking rip-off artist, and buy another couple of filters?

Oh, and just to make my life complete, his site advertises that he’s got “autofeedback”, so if you leave him a negative feedback on eBay he’ll automatically leave you a negative feedback.

Well, I guess I can say goodbye to that float plane rating…

New TSA Rule

Short summary – any non-citizen wanting any sort of flight training has to get TSA approval, and as well as the cost and hassle of getting the photos and fingerprints and stuff, there will be a several hundred dollar fee. Oh, and knowing the federal government, probably a 6 month wait for approval.