Vicki and I flew across the lake this weekend. Except for a day trip to Ben and Jerry’s, we haven’t flown an “away” trip together since 1999, when we went to Piseco, NY for a weekend. I love it when we get to fly somewhere together – it sort of makes me feel like all the money I’ve spend on my pilot training wasn’t totally selfish.
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Country boy, City boy

I’ve always thought that my ideal place to live would either be out in cottage country with woods and a lake, or right downtown in a vibrant exciting city in a high rise with a huge window with a great view. And I always thought that was sort of contradictory of me. But visting Vicki’s friend Jonesiexxx, (who, by the way, lives in a cool neighbourhood in a vibrant exciting city with a huge window with a great view), I think I figured it out.

One of the things I liked living in the country was the quiet and the closeness to nature, but another thing I liked was the sense of belonging to a small community. As we walked down the street, and Jonesiexxx was recognized by people at her neighbourhood butcher and green grocer (yes, real stores with real specialties, not monster supermarkets), I realized that was something that the tiny village of Rupert Quebec and her corner of Toronto had in common – a small community that you could belong to.

Funny that something like that would appeal to an introvert like me. My fear is that if I did live in a place like that, I *wouldn’t* get to know the community and miss out on the whole point of living in a place like that. Fortunately, I have Vicki, who would know everybody in a 5 block radius within two days of our arrival.