Somebody bought Diet Coke with Lime instead of my usual Diet Coke. It’s vile.

4 thoughts on “Ugh”

  1. I kinda like the diet coke with lime. Not as much as I like diet vanilla coke, but it’s not bad.

    Nauseated yet?

  2. “Your” Diet Coke? “YOUR” Diet Coke?

    You have diet ginger ale.

    Other people live here too, you know.

    It’s not vile. It’s much better than lemon Coke, which really is vile, but not as good as cherry Coke, which is very very good, and vanilla Coke is good too, so there.

  3. It’s vile. I actually managed to finish a can of vanilla Coke once. The only reason I went to the mall tonight was to get a large Coke from the food court.

  4. I’ve yet to see the lime variety here in .uk – it can’t possibly be worse than “Diet Coke with Lemon” though (shudder). Vanilla Coke is pretty grim too, but pales in comparison.

    I suppose we’ll probably get it in about five years or so, by which time you guys will be guzzling “Decaff Avocado Coke Classic – Now With Croutons!” or something… We’re so behind the times.

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