Disconcerting juxtaposition of the day

I’m listening to an audio book right now. It’s P.G.Wodehouse’s “The Cat Burglars”. I’ve never actually read a Jeeves and Wooster book before, and I’m enjoying this one. But the narrator sounds disconcertingly like my ex-mother-in-law, in spite of the difference in genders. It’s a little bit jarring.

Petty annoyance of the day

I’m watching my web server logs scroll by, and every minute, I see the following: - - [10/May/2004:10:04:18 -0400] "GET /getlatest.glh?PV=, en, *&LID=1033&ch=120+90+0+0+0&ch=72+53+0+0+0&ch=52+739+0+0+0&ch=33+923+0+0+0&ch=73+166+0+0+0&ch=97+108+0+0+0&ch=118+14+0+0+0 HTTP/1.0" 404 1063 "-" "RMA/1.0 (compatible; RealMedia)"

Now, if Google can be trusted, and believe me, it can, it appears that this bozo somehow has his DNS screwed up so that it thinks I’m channels.real.com.

If only I had some suitably BOFHly way of handling this – like causing his RealPlayer to suddenly scream at him to shut the fucking thing off.