Petty annoyance of the day

I’m watching my web server logs scroll by, and every minute, I see the following: - - [10/May/2004:10:04:18 -0400] "GET /getlatest.glh?PV=, en, *&LID=1033&ch=120+90+0+0+0&ch=72+53+0+0+0&ch=52+739+0+0+0&ch=33+923+0+0+0&ch=73+166+0+0+0&ch=97+108+0+0+0&ch=118+14+0+0+0 HTTP/1.0" 404 1063 "-" "RMA/1.0 (compatible; RealMedia)"

Now, if Google can be trusted, and believe me, it can, it appears that this bozo somehow has his DNS screwed up so that it thinks I’m

If only I had some suitably BOFHly way of handling this – like causing his RealPlayer to suddenly scream at him to shut the fucking thing off.

3 thoughts on “Petty annoyance of the day”

  1. Depends; I suppose it should be possible to write an Apache module to automatically shot back a media stream of some nails across the blackboard if it sees the above URL.

  2. Well, you have two options here depending on how you pay for bandwidth. One is to send back lots of data and the other is to send back a zero length reply.

    The other fun thing is to see if you can get the format which would be returned by a valid getlatest.glh and then roll your own version… say something which put suitable comments into it.

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