Whoever you are, identify yourself or fuck off

Somebody in Finland has been reading all our blogs. It appears that he/she/it started with Stevie or Laura’s, which isn’t all the surprising since they have a Finnish last name. And he’s followed the links from those blogs to Vicki’s and mine. Not a big deal – if we didn’t want random strangers reading our blogs, we’d make them private.

But now it appears this person has gone a step beyond. They are no longer just following links, they are fishing around for files that aren’t there. Looking at this IP, I see attempts to reference


and I’m more than a little creeped out.

So whoever is at, listen up: Looking for information nobody invited you to look at is a violation of our privacy. Identify yourself or find your IP blocked and a complaint lodged with your ISP. And quit looking for things that aren’t there.