I work for a company of idiots

First they tell us that intellectual property is our most unexploited resource, and we should make every effort to generate patents on every project we work on. And send out numerous memos telling that we’re not doing enough to get inventions into “Invention Tracker”. And now I find out that they’ve downsized the patent lawyers so there is only one or two people working on taking the stuff out of “Invention Tracker” and turning it into patents.

Smart move, guys. That will show those Japanese who’s the boss.

Making money off the Marching Morons

In Online Auctions, Misspelling in Ads Often Spells Cash

In case you don’t have a New York Times free registration (or don’t know one of the many fake ones floating around there), this article describes people who make good money off of eBay by looking for articles that are going for way less than they’re worth because the seller can’t spell well enough to be found by buyers. It also includes the advice that sometimes it’s the buyers who can’t spell worth a shit, so you should probably include alternate spellings in your listing so the buyers can find you.

You gotta love free enterprise, especially when it’s crafty people getting rich off of the idiots of the world.